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The Indonesia Africa Strategic Studies Centre – Universitas Indonesia is an independent academic institution established at Universitas Indonesia for the study of strategic issues relating to Africa and Indonesia / Asia – Africa relations.
Created in March 2020, the Indonesia Africa Strategic Studies Centre – Universitas Indonesia aims to create a knowledge platform for research, academic, professional and general public programs, international networking and the exchange of ideas with the aim of increasing the understanding and visibility of Africa in Indonesia / Asia and of Indonesia / Asia in Africa by focusing on strategic issues and topics valuable to all.

The Indonesia Africa Centre aims to propose analysis and commentary on contemporary strategic issues for Indonesia / Asia – Africa professionals, policymakers, scholars, media, and civil society, as well as other international partners anywhere in the world; the ultimate goal being to create meaningful knowledge and relationships between Indonesia, Asia and Africa.

The Indonesia Africa Centre creates relationships with all types of actors including states, the security sector, the private sector and civil society in a larger sense.

The Indonesia Africa Strategic Studies Centre – Universitas Indonesia was established in March 2020 at Universitas Indonesia.

The Indonesia Africa Strategic Studies Centre – Universitas Indonesia
The Indonesia Africa Centre also hosts public events both online and offline, expert working groups, and seminars with various focuses.

  • Research

The Indonesia Africa Centre’s research aims to increase the knowledge on Africa in Indonesia / Asia and on Indonesia / Asia in Africa by concentrating on strategic issues notably in Peace & Security, Economics, the Environment and Urban issues as well as the role of external actors in both Africa and Asia. Our publications are authored by a variety of scholars, practitioners, policymakers and various civil society actors from around the world without limitation. Our aim is to contribute to increasing the visibility of Asia-Africa topics on both continents through relevant and serious research that can be the basis for multiple exchanges, collaborations and partnerships.

  • Programs

The Indonesia Africa Centre develops programs that are meaningful for academics, practitioners and civil society in general for a better understanding of Asia-Africa issues.
Our thematic focuses include:

  1. Economics & Business: political economy, development, trade, investment, infrastructure, State-Owned Enterprises, financing, external actors’ competition, natural resources, digital, entertainment, …
  2. Peace & Security: peace and security architectures, security trends, Security Sector Reform (SSR) and institutions, military performance and reform, policing, non-traditional threats (including illicit trafficking, organized crime, piracy, terrorism, violent extremism, health, environmental threats…), defense industries and arms trade, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, post-conflict development, fragile states, cyber, financial criminality…
  3. Geopolitics: external actors’ competition in Africa including big-power confrontation, the role of the African Union, Asian and African foreign policies and agency in Asia-Africa and the world…
  4. Urban and Environmental issues: big cities in Asia-Africa and their related problems, climate change, biodiversity, maritime preservation and development, resources, …
  • Community

 The Indonesia Africa Centre aims to form a strong and dynamic community, both online and offline, around its research, activities and events that will contribute to increased meaningful and impactful Indonesia / Asia – Africa relations

We hold our offline events at Universitas Indonesia (Salemba or Depok campuses) as well as in other private or public venues, mostly based on partnerships and collaborations. Our public webinars are held on popular platforms available to all.

We are developing our programs and materials in several languages including English, Bahasa Indonesia and French. We have a capacity in several other languages.

We are always looking for talented people to collaborate with us. Please contact us directly and submit your details or proposal.

Our logo marries an Indonesian eagle and an African tiger forming together a new mythological animal symbolising the historical, contemporary and future dynamic links of Indonesia and Africa. On the left side the logo of Universitas Indonesia figures as the host entity of our centre.

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not span in any ways.

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